Why do so many people like Boa Hancock?

Why do so many people like Boa Hancock?

Why do so many people like Boa Hancock despite her terrible personality in One Piece?

First of all, it must be acknowledged that Boa Hancock does indeed have a very terrible personality.

She mistreats her former grandmother, bullies small animals, tramples on the heartfelt gifts from children, and can even be considered a villain. When Luffy was transported to Amazon Lily, if it weren’t for the assistance of Margaret and others, he would have likely met his demise. It was the noble and innocent female warriors who had never seen a man before that saved Luffy, which led to Hancock’s resentment and punishment. She turned them into stone. During the clash between the Gorgon sisters and Luffy, with Hancock’s permission, they intended to crush Margaret. If it weren’t for Luffy awakening Haoshoku Haki at the right moment, their relationship might have become eternal enemies. That’s Boa Hancock for you, showing no regard for human life.

Boa Hancock

Oda initially portrayed her as a despicable woman (excluding those who are solely attracted to her appearance).

However, after Luffy protected her sisters, the so-called Gorgon eyes, Hancock began to change. She revealed the truth to Luffy, her past as a slave of the Celestial Dragons, and the origin of her fear and hatred towards men. This evoked sympathy from the readers and led to some forgiveness for her terrible behavior. It also confirms the saying that those who are detestable often lead pitiful lives.

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is a character with many contradictions. She is both noble and lowly, proud and strong, as well as ashamed and timid.

She is noble because she is the Empress of Amazon Lily, exuding an air of regal authority. Her lowly side stems from her past as a slave of the Celestial Dragons, which she doesn’t dare to let others know and can never forget. After gaining power, she intensifies her oppressive aura to solidify her identity. Throughout history, it is common to witness those who were once lowly becoming more ruthless after gaining power. Take Hideyoshi Toyotomi, for example, compared to Nobunaga Oda’s ambition, he can only be seen as someone with limited ambitions.

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock’s arrogance and rudeness are well-known to everyone, even the Marines often show leniency towards her. Being a woman and single-handedly supporting the immense pressure of Amazon Lily, it is evident how important she is. The Marine ships are equipped with power wheels that are unaffected by the Calm Belt. Without Hancock’s strength, Amazon Lily would have long been eradicated by the Marines, let alone her recruitment as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Despite her dominance, she also has a sense of shame and timidity. Prior to meeting Luffy, the 30-year-old Hancock had never experienced love. The ordeal she went through with the Celestial Dragons made her fearful of men. After being liberated, she carried the heavy burden of Amazon Lily on her shoulders, leaving her with no time or courage to reveal her true feelings to men. Consequently, her love for Luffy is as pure as that of a young girl, yet due to being repressed for so long, she displays a seductive and aggressive nature, with a constant rollercoaster of emotions towards Luffy.

Boa Hancock luffy

Her timidity is usually hidden and only shown to Luffy. The mark of the Celestial Dragons prevents her from holding her head high, and even with a change in status, it remains an insurmountable obstacle in her heart, which only Luffy can accept. In a sense, Nami also used to be a slave of Arlong, and she was much weaker than Hancock. A new tattoo was enough for her to leave her past behind. Perhaps it is this contradiction within Hancock’s character, the contrasting qualities that coexist within her, that attract more readers to love her.

boa hancock sexy

Boa Hancock is my favorite character in One Piece, and you can understand why after reading my analysis.

“One Piece” has a few main characters, and most of the others are supporting roles. Despite being supporting characters, many of them have gained a large following from countless fans. One of my favorite characters is Boa Hancock, and I’ll analyze why below!

Boa Hancock

Fashion and appearance:

“Clothes make the man, gold makes the Buddha.” Boa Hancock always stays at the forefront of fashion with her stylish outfits. Please refer to the image.

Boa Hancock

Sacrificing everything for love:

In the storyline, when Luffy’s brother, Portgas D. Ace, was captured and scheduled for execution by Blackbeard and the World Government, Luffy, despite Hancock’s dissuasion, insisted on rescuing Ace. In order to help Luffy infiltrate the Marine’s underwater prison, Hancock risked her life and disregarded any danger, all for the sake of love.

Boa Hancock luffy

Exceptional combat skills:

Boa Hancock possesses Haoshoku Haki, and it can be assumed that anyone who possesses all three types of Haki (with Haoshoku Haki being the determining factor) and is still alive includes people like Mihawk, Kuzan, Luffy, Shanks, Rayleigh, and a few others.

Adorable and shy behavior:

Hancock’s cute and adorable side when she acts spoiled is truly captivating. Holding her face with both hands, she conceals her shy and nervous expression. With slightly furrowed eyebrows, a shy face, and a slight smile at the corners of her mouth, she radiates a lovely charm that emerges when a woman falls in love. Which male fan can resist it, lol!

Boa Hancock

These are the reasons why I like the character of Boa Hancock, and I believe many fans also share the same affection for her. If you like her, please leave a comment!

One Piece: Navigator “Nami” and “Boa Hancock,” which one do you prefer?


She is a meticulous, kind, emotionally-driven, fiercely jealous, and occasionally gentle and capable woman. She loves money and oranges and dreams of drawing a map of the entire world.

one piece nami figures
one piece nami figures

Boa Hancock:

She has long, black hair styled in a princess cut, deep blue eyes, and wears a pair of snake-shaped earrings. She has a tall figure and is known as the world’s most beautiful woman. Nami and Boa Hancock are both goddess-level characters, and while more people may prefer Nami’s bold and passionate personality, if asked whom I like better between the two, I still prefer Boa Hancock.

boahancock hentai

Arrogant yet also delicate:

Boa Hancock always maintains an arrogant demeanor in front of others. Many times, she tilts her head up so high that she can’t see the other person (to be honest, I don’t like this side of Hancock). It’s because of this that she is called “Hancock” or “Snake Princess.” However, after developing feelings for Luffy, she completely changes her appearance and becomes a delicate woman. She spends her days fantasizing about being with Luffy, and whenever Luffy’s name is mentioned, she becomes lost in her own thoughts. Of course, this image is limited to when she is in front of Luffy. In front of others, she remains the cold and enchanting Boa Hancock.

Boa Hancock

Disregarding everything for her loved one:

Boa Hancock is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, but that is only in name. Despite that, she can go against anyone, including the Marines, for the sake of Luffy. In the Marineford War, she fought both the Marines and the pirates, all to ensure Luffy’s smooth progress. Having someone who is capable and silently supports their partner like that would be such a happy thing in real life!

Beautiful with a great figure:

This is subjective to personal taste, but I like the flowing long hair that Boa Hancock has. Although Nami also has long hair after the two-year time skip, I don’t like curled hair, and Boa Hancock is indeed beautiful. I’m also a bit of a perfectionist, and Nami seems too bold and doesn’t seem to belong to just one person. Nami feels like everyone’s child, and I can’t accept that. Boa Hancock, on the other hand, is different. The proud Boa Hancock only allows the person she loves to touch her.

After this comparison, I prefer Boa Hancock, of course, in a scenario where I can be Luffy. As for Nami, she is better suited as a lover, not as my woman. I love Boa Hancock.


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