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Aged 31, is widely recognized as the queen of pirates, exuding both an extremely dominant and sexy presence. She possesses an inherent pride that stems from her natural beauty, believing that whatever she does is right and will be forgiven. The Empress’s dominance is truly unmatched by ordinary people. Despite being loved by many, she only has eyes for Luffy, the young man she likes. While she can be commanding in front of others, she turns into a gentle girl when in front of Luffy. Although her age is rarely talked about, the truth is that she is already 31 years old. Despite her seemingly aunt-like age, she still retains the beauty of youth, making her appear as an 18-year-old goddess in the eyes of others. For the Empress, both Nami and Luffy are like younger siblings.

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The first time I ever had an erection was when I saw Boa Hancock taking a bath in the anime. It was when Luffy accidentally stumbled upon her while he first arrived on Amazon Lily. You have to understand, in the entire island, anyone who does something like that would be executed! But Luffy was really brave, especially as a man who didn’t leave immediately after walking in. Boa Hancock was so angry that she even stood up and was about to attack him! Later on, we found out that Boa Hancock couldn’t help but fall in love with Luffy, but that scene was really seductive and it was the first time that I had such a sexual fantasy. So I decided to make Boa Hancock hentai as my first character. The process of making her face with the GK handcrafting technique wasn’t difficult. I intentionally made two facial expressions, one with an open mouth, because I thought it would look more emotional (I feel a little shy writing this)

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Boa Hancock is a popular character which is famous for her plenty of hentai porn videos and related #rule 34 works.Different form that, what we gonna do is to bring her into your real life, into your bedroom to be more specific. You will be able to experience all the pron stuffs that you ever imagined about with her, with the real Boa Hancock.


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No one in this world has seen boa hancock naked. Everyone just imagines it. We can only rely on our fantasy of boa hancock’s beauty to make a perfect boa hancock naked.When I made the first prototype, her silicone body could not sit upright, and had no beauty at all. It was too ugly, because the silicone was too soft, and I’m sorry, this was another mistake of mine. So, I had to redesign it and add a skeleton to her body. When we designed sex dolls before, each one of them had a skeleton. But it was too difficult to place a skeleton in this small handcraft, as it couldn’t affect the use of the vagina. It took a long time to design and redo many times, and it was finally approved by my brothers. I shared my anime sex doll making on the internet, and some friends asked to buy them, so I made a few more. I am grateful to them. They were my first customers, and they gave me a lot of feedback, including the mistake I made.My mistake was making Boa Hancock’s hair too long and hard. Many of my bro told me that Boa Hancock’s long and hard hair hindered had attacks.most of the time,Had to take boa hancock’s hair off while boa hancock xxx

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So we made a second version, and by that time, our technology for poseable internal skeletons had matured. We made Boa Hancock into a mini sex doll with a non-fixed posture. We think it’s close to perfection now.Materials: The face is imported from PU, the body is made of silicone, the chest is made of jelly chest, which is closer to the real person’s hand, and it is very comfortable. The hair material is imported soft rubber, with a built-in metal skeleton, and the joints are movable. You can pose according to your preferences

boa hancock naked

Height: The overall height is about 67.5CM, and the height from the head and neck to the feet is about61.5CM
Bust: 35.5CM
Waist: 18CM
Hips: 33.5CM
Shoulder width: 11CM
Hand length: 25.5CM
Leg length: 41.5CM
Plantar length: 8CM
Foot Width: 2.7CM
Arm circumference: 8.5CM
Thigh circumference: 19.5CM
Neck circumference: 9 cm
The total weight is about 3000 grams
Outer box length 72-width 26-height 21 cm

We made two different faces, please pay attention to observe.

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