How to Conceal a Sex Doll?


Sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular as a form of companionship. However, due to social stigma and potential judgment, many individuals seek ways to discreetly conceal their dolls to avoid scrutiny. This article explores three methods of hiding a sex doll and proposes an alternative approach: disguising it as an anime figurine.

Concealing Under the Bed:

From The Doll Forum
From The Doll Forum

When bringing your beloved sex doll into your room, one of the first thoughts is to hide it under the bed. To ensure sufficient space, you may have already switched to a bed frame with ample clearance. As you both enjoy a pleasant coexistence, when you crawl off it, exhausted, and yearn for sleep, you must not forget to give it a bath. Summoning your last ounce of energy, you carry it to the bathroom, thoroughly cleanse it, especially the hole that was fought. Afterwards, you strain to lift the bed, concealing it beneath. In reality, hiding it under the bed may not even be necessary since your family rarely enters your room. However, as you plan to go on a journey tomorrow, you still wish to avoid any potential encounters with your family, prompting the need for concealment. While you revel in the distant land, the following day, your family calls, urgently seeking a specific document that you rarely use, and it happens to be stowed under your bed. Reluctantly, you grant them permission to access your hidden treasure trove…

Hiding in the Garage:

A true story: One day, friend A receives a call from the police, who report an anonymous tip claiming there is a corpse hidden in their garage. Obliged to cooperate, friend A allows the police entry, only to reveal their concealed sex doll…

Disguising the Sex Doll:

No matter how well you hide it, there is always a chance of discovery. In a world where everything is constantly evolving, it might be more liberating to let others know openly rather than hide in shame. Instead of concealing it, consider disguising the sex doll as something else. By doing so, you eliminate the need to find secret hiding spots or worry about being stumbled upon. Once disguised, you can proudly showcase it to others, as it will appear as an exquisite anime figurine among the multitude of anime posters adorning your room. This gives the impression that you are an avid anime enthusiast. Your doll, cleverly disguised as an anime figurine, remains your silent companion, unknown to others. You can even pack it in a suitcase and take it with you on your travels. This type of sex doll is commonly known as a Hentai figure Mini sex doll, typically standing no taller than 70cm. They offer an enhanced user experience compared to larger sex dolls. Due to their smaller size, they require less silicone material, allowing manufacturers to use the highest quality silicone available. They are equipped with a lifelike skeletal structure, enabling a range of realistic poses. The craftsmanship is exquisite, with meticulously hand-painted heads using GK techniques. We refer to them as GKDOLLs, These dolls come with character-themed accessories and outfits.

mai shiranui
Now there are tifa,Nier: Automata:2B, Olga DiscordiaMeiko ShirakiMai Shiranuigoblin queenOne Piece SeriesAndroid 18 and more. . . with more designs continuously being developed.
So, which anime figurine would you prefer?


While hiding a sex doll presents challenges, disguising it as an anime figurine offers a creative solution that allows individuals to proudly display their doll without fear of judgment. By embracing the persona of an anime enthusiast and integrating the doll into their collection, individuals can enjoy their companionship discreetly. However, it’s important to approach the use of sex dolls with respect for personal boundaries, ethical considerations, and open communication within relationships.