How old is tsunade

I believe everyone has watched “Naruto,” a classic anime that is one of my favorite shows and a memory of my youth. There are many characters in this anime that have left a deep impression on us, and some characters were welcomed by everyone as soon as they appeared, such as Tsunade! When Tsunade first appeared, it was because Jiraiya asked her to come back and become the Hokage, and after a little trouble, she finally agreed to return.

Tsunade maintains her great looks and figure. When I first saw her, I didn’t think she was that old, but Naruto called her grandma. I was really confused when I heard that nickname, as it was not only impolite, but also made Tsunade seem much older than she actually was. Her age has always been a point of curiosity for me. How old was she back then?

Actually, Tsunade has aged before. It was after the battle with Orochimaru, where she had exhausted her stamina and chakra, causing her to turn into a true old lady. Tsunade was not young either; during the Fourth Great Ninja War, she was already 55 years old, and in “Boruto,” she reached the age of 70. This number is scary, but understandable upon reflection.

Tsunade is the granddaughter of the First Hokage. Unlike other anime where granddaughters have never met their grandfathers, Tsunade and Hashirama often played together when they were children, and Tsunade even learned Hashirama’s bad habits.

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