These are LORIBEAR’s innovatively designed mini sex dolls.

You must have never seen such exquisite mini anime sex dolls before.

The smaller size is for better concealment and better disguise. Even people close to you will not notice that it has the function of a sex doll. They will only think that it is just an exquisite anime figure in your collection.

Because it is a mini sex doll, we can use the best materials for the most important parts without having to consider cost.

Such an exquisite and cute mini sex doll (anime figure) you can take her anywhere, travel, business trip, she can be hidden in your suitcase or drawer at will.

The loribear brand meticulously handcrafts each character model, insisting on using Garage Kits to create their heads and other components for viewing purposes.

Each doll requires careful craftsmanship, which is why the quantity and production capacity of each doll are limited. Mass production is not possible.

With years of experience in manufacturing silicone male masturbators, we utilize the finest silicone materials that are soft, comfortable, and provide a more realistic human skin texture. Through repeated testing and design improvements, we strive to create a vagina that closely mimics the authentic sensation, allowing you to experience genuine sexual pleasure.

Mini sex doll skeleton display

Advantages of mini sex dolls

Convenience for storage:

Mini sex dolls can be easily stored like regular toys, tucked away in any corner or suitcase. They can even be carried with you while traveling, without worrying about being discovered by roommates or family members. If friends or family happen to see it, you can confidently introduce it as a beautifully crafted anime figurine from your collection. Its exquisite appearance would not suggest that it is a sex doll.

Ease of transportation:

Regular sex dolls are often heavy, and the cost of transporting them is almost equivalent to the price of the product itself. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you may end up with a low-quality sex doll. On the other hand, our mini sex dolls generally weigh less than 5kg, allowing us to allocate the saved shipping costs towards improving the product quality.

Ease of use:

Regular sex dolls typically weigh more than 30kg, approaching the weight of an adult. After indulging in activities, you would have to drag the cumbersome doll to the bathroom for cleaning. However, with a mini sex doll, you can easily carry it and rinse it with water. It’s effortless to provide various forms of care for it.

Better material:

Large sex dolls are usually made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material, which is heat-sensitive and can deteriorate when exposed to high temperatures. It is also challenging to remove stains or contaminants from TPE. Our mini sex dolls, on the other hand, are made of the highest-grade silicone, which is more stable, safer, and provides a superior user experience compared to TPE. It is almost impossible to use this material for large sex dolls, and even if it is used, the price would be exorbitant.