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Welcome to the world of ultimate pleasure with our incredible original Sex Dolls. it comes from japanese anime DRAGON BALL android 18 figure and sex doll 2 in 1,This Figure Masturbate Soft Anime Doll Pussy Android 18 Entity Love Doll Joint Bionic Yoga Skeleton Real Vagina is designed to cater to your deepest desires and make every intimate moment memorable.

Regarding android 18 hentai, many people are collecting dragon ball android 18 hentai comic like you. You have spent a lot of time on the Internet, but only a few can be found. They cannot satisfy you.

Inadvertently, you saw android 18 porn and it made your blood boil. You think this is the closest you’ll get to android 18 sex.

God made you meet me, here it’s not just an android 18 nsfw, you’ll get a silicon entity mini sex doll, you can be with android 18 xxx

android 18 hentai

However, in the eyes of others, it is an exquisite figure model, with its facial features finely crafted using the GK technique.You don’t have to worry about being found out that it is a sex doll, only when you want to release it, its realistic vagina gives you endless tenderness. Makes you feel like you are having sex with a real woman.

Crafted with superior quality materials, this sex doll has a realistic bionic skeleton and soft, pliable skin that makes it feel like a real person. Its anatomically accurate figure and real vagina add to its sensual appeal, offering unparalleled stimulation to help you achieve a mind-blowing orgasm.

Our sex doll is easy to use and lightweight, allowing you to explore new fantasies without limitation. Its adjustable joints and yoga skeleton enable you to pose your love doll in any position that suits your mood, and it will remain stable during use. You can use it for solo pleasure or to spice up your relationship with your partner.




The face is made of imported PU, the body is made of silicone, the breasts are made of jelly breasts, which is closer to the real person’s hand, and it is very comfortable. The hair material is imported soft rubber, with a built-in metal skeleton, and the joints are movable. You can pose according to your preferences
Height: The overall height is about 67CM, and the height from head and neck to feet is about 61CM
Bust: 33CM
Waist: 18CM
Hips: 32CM
Shoulder width: 11CM
Hand length: 25.5CM
Leg length: 40.5CM
Arm circumference: 8.5CM
Thigh circumference: 19.5CM
Neck circumference: 9.5CM
Weight: 2800g (2.8kg)
Channel length: 17CM

Android 18 figure

Android 18 figure

We also made Android 18 figures with fixed poses.
She has two holes for you to insert.
We are handcrafted with Garage Kit craftsmanship,
Using platinum silicone to make a realistic vagina.
the depth of the vagina is 17cm The details are very well preserved
which feels like real skin.
You can use me as a masturbation cup, or as a hand-made decoration, I wear clothes (such as photos)
You can also help me change clothes.
I have a built-in stainless steel skeleton in my body
It would be a beautiful Garage Kit when I have it in the cupboard.
I can fulfill your fantasies when you are alone.
U-shaped bumpy vagina,
Tightly wraps your glans when inserted
Go a little deeper and it will be more comfortable
Entering harder will wrap your cock tightly again
Spiral wrap suction clip
Simulates the peristalsis of real vaginal folds
Rubbing the dick rpeatedly


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