Which is better sex doll or real woman?

Which is better sex doll or real woman?

There is no better choice.


You will continue to oscillate between these two options, perhaps the answer without an answer is the answer itself. Or rather, your experiences are your answers.


Before you had a girlfriend, you felt suppressed. You may have expressed your love to many women, but were rejected every time.


So, you tried sex dolls. At first, it was exciting and you felt free to engage with them whenever you wanted. But over time, you grew somewhat disgusted because they couldn’t give you passionate French kisses, climb onto your body, or take the initiative to lie beneath you and pleasure you. Deep down, you longed for that feeling of affection, but the dolls couldn’t provide it.


Eventually, you found a loving partner. You traveled together, savored delicious food, and made breakfast together… doing all sorts of romantic things. Her eyes were filled with love whenever she looked at you. You felt incredibly happy and said goodbye to the damn sex dolls.

However, as your relationship progressed, you began to argue. Perhaps one of you was tired, in a bad mood, or had more contact with people of the opposite sex…


Cracks also appeared in your sexual intimacy. When you wanted it, she was in a bad mood, and when she wanted it, you felt exhausted.


Gradually, you started having frequent fights. It became painful for you. Finally, on a rainy evening, you broke up, bringing an end to a life that had both joy and pain.


After the breakup, it took you a long time to recover from your emotional turmoil. Your life returned to a calm state, just like before. You no longer had the same liveliness and were reluctant to meet new people. You became solitary and reserved.


But when your physical desires resurfaced, you remembered your sex doll. You brought it back into your life, letting it lie in bed, waiting for you. You bathed, dressed, and adorned it. You often talked to it, even though it never responded. But you felt like it understood you.

One day, you suddenly wanted to try a busty woman. Soon after, you brought back a busty sex doll.


Then, another day, you wanted to try an anime-inspired woman. Before long, you brought back an anime sex doll

mai shiranui

You started collecting more and more sex dolls, able to choose who would accompany you in bed as you pleased.


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