Naruto: The screenshots that best show Tsunade’s figure, making Jiraiya stunned in the first one and most shameful in the fifth!

Naruto: The screenshots that best show Tsunade’s figure, making Jiraiya stunned in the first one and most shameful in the fifth!

I wonder how long everyone has been watching Naruto? In the world of Naruto, there are many ninja characters, but the most impressive one for Naruto fans must be the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade. Tsunade has the best figure in the ninja world and is considered a “goddess” by many fans. Today, I bring you screenshots that best show Tsunade’s figure. The most dazzling thing is tsunades boobs.Do you all like them?

Tsunade figure

First sheet

The first screenshot shows Tsunade on vacation at the beach in a perfect purple swimsuit that showcases her figure. Her figure is impeccable with the best bust and a small waist, deserving a perfect score. Notice Jiraiya peeking at her on the beach, he’s clearly stunned by her figure.So,what bust size is tsunade?What do you think of tsunade bust size?Tsunade figures

Second sheet

The second screenshot is from Tsunade’s younger days. When she was younger, Jiraiya used to mock her for having a flat chest. But as she grew up, her figure developed so much that it surpassed many female ninjas. Look at this screenshot from the side, her figure is curvy and perfect.

Tsunade bust

Third sheet

The third screenshot is an original animation. In the storyline, the Konoha 12 ninjas gather for a party, but Tsunade is not invited. She is upset and asks if it’s because of her figure. Hinata, who is watching, is envious of Tsunade’s figure. However, the author believes that Hinata’s figure is even better than Tsunade’s. What do you think?Tsunade figure

Fourth sheet

The fourth screenshot is of Tsunade taking a bath in a hot spring. This screenshot is precious because Tsunade rarely takes a bath in the anime, so only a few Naruto fans have seen it. What better way to show off her figure than in a bath? Take a look at Tsunade in the hot spring, drinking a glass of sake, her figure is big are tsunades boobsTsunade boobs

Fifth sheet

The fifth screenshot can be said to be the most embarrassing one for Tsunade. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, the Infinite Tsukuyomi was activated, and the tendrils of the God Tree bound and immobilized Tsunade. The binding of the tendrils perfectly revealed her figure, and with Tsunade’s figure, the tendrils probably couldn’t contain her. What do you think? Looking at this screenshot, it’s undeniable that Tsunade really does have the best figure in the ninja world!

tsunade big boobs

Which screenshot do you think best showcases Tsunade’s figure? Which one is your favorite? Feel free to comment and leave a like or bookmark it if you like it, fellow Naruto fans!

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