does nami like luffy

does nami like luffy

In the Straw Hat Pirate Crew, Nami is Luffy’s second companion and a unique navigator who can sense weather with her body. Thanks to Nami, Luffy and the crew can escape from perilous weather conditions time and time again. Everyone knows that “One Piece” is a passionate anime that has nothing to do with romance. However, as the protagonist, Luffy cannot lack assistance from female characters, and Nami is a great example. Today, I will discuss several details of Nami’s fondness for Luffy, which might drive Boa Hancock crazy if she knew!

does nami like luffy

Liking to Hit Luffy

As the saying goes: hitting is affection, scolding is love, and neither hitting nor scolding means no love. As a member of the Straw Hat Crew, Nami almost exclusively hits Luffy, often hitting him hard enough to leave him bruised and swollen. However, Luffy is made of rubber, so how can he feel pain? In Water 7 arc, when Kaku comes to talk to Luffy, he explains that “this is the fist of love,” which is why it hurts. In the anime, Nami doesn’t have Armament Haki, so when she hits Luffy, it must be with the “fist of love.”

Liking to Hit Luffy

Standing Next to Luffy in Group Photos

As a dedicated One Piece fan, I believe everyone’s photo album on their phones contains many group photos of the Straw Hat Pirates. But have you noticed that in every group photo, Nami is the closest person to Luffy? Not only that, but in many anime scenes, Nami is the one standing next to Luffy. Pictures don’t lie!

Always Looking for Luffy First

Many fans believe that whenever Nami sees someone, as long as Luffy is present, she will call his name first and then go to him. She also calls for Luffy when she needs help and often throws herself into his arms. In the face of various facts, it’s apparent that Nami’s greatest concern is Luffy. Otherwise, why would she always look for him when she has nothing else to do?Always Looking for Luffy First

Always Supporting Luffy

Fans know that Luffy is a very stubborn captain who often disregards his crew’s opinions and acts according to his own plans. Of course, Nami can’t stand it and often protests with Usopp and Chopper. However, in the end, Nami always gives up resistance and obediently listens to Luffy’s words. For example, Luffy loves thrilling adventures and often goes to dangerous islands. Although Nami protests, she ends up taking Luffy to the islands he wants to visit. Isn’t this a perfect example? Perhaps this is the realization of “For you, I am willing to give up myself.”Always Supporting Luffy

Caring Deeply for Luffy

During battles, the crew often splits up to carry out different tasks. Luffy always acts alone, which makes people worry. Nami is the most concerned among them. Upon hearing that Luffy has just arrived at Zou Island, Nami immediately goes to find him. The first thing she says when she sees him is, “You finally made it, Luffy. I was worried sick.” What more needs to be said?Caring Deeply for Luffy

That’s it! These are the details of Nami’s fondness for Luffy, summarized by loribear. Feel free to leave comments and discuss.


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