The Uncle Who Slept Around with Over Thirty Girls and Renounced the World

The Uncle Who Slept Around with Over Thirty Girls and Renounced the World

When you read the title, “The Uncle Who Slept Around with Over Thirty Girls and Renounced the World,” you might immediately latch onto that number—thirty. Some of you might be envious, while others might be disdainful. But whether you admire or scorn it, there’s a lesson to be learned here. Guys who haven’t reached that number shouldn’t aim for it, and those who’ve surpassed it shouldn’t be too proud. As normal humans navigating this complex society, we should neither die in peace having slept with only one woman nor feel inferior for having slept with over a thousand.


Take it easy, and carry on.


Before I step off this historical stage, I want to share some experiences that might be worth learning from. Experiences like how to flirt with women, how to make them climax, how to make them feel trendy, and so on.


In my journey of sleeping around, I’ve encountered various characters: financial analysts, teachers, nurses, professional women in the power industry, and more. More than one-third of them were virgins, ranging from high school graduates to college students.


If given the opportunity, I’d share my chat history with them, along with screenshots of their seductive words, photos, and more. I even have a contact list of over 1500 women.


Page One

The Numbers Game Some people say thirty isn’t much. Indeed, it isn’t. I have a very close client who has slept with over 500 women. I’ve warned him to stop this behavior, but he says he can’t. He can no longer enter a stable relationship with any woman. In his view, no woman is reliable or worth entrusting. Even if he gets tired and wants to settle down, his body’s memories and inertia will unconsciously drive him back to his previous way of life. When the so-called family conflicts with freedom, he will opt for freedom. In battles between the sexes, there are no winners.

Quality vs. Quantity Some readers argue that quantity isn’t important; quality is. But that’s only half true. Both quantity and quality matter. Without a certain amount of experience, you can’t achieve good quality. Quantity leads to qualitative change. It’s like learning a mathematical law in school; if you only do 1-2 practice problems, you won’t truly understand it. Similarly, if a man only sleeps with 1-2 women, he can’t understand women deeply. So, just pursuing quality is nonsense. However, if you’ve experienced 30-50 women, or even hundreds or thousands, you might become empty and fearful. In my opinion, 10-20 women are enough. This number helps men lose their fantasies about the purity of women and accept that women, like themselves, are normal humans, not goddesses or saints without sexual desire.

The Myth of Looks and Money Some people say you must be either very wealthy or very handsome and charming. But I have neither. I’m just an ordinary middle-aged man. If I have any special skills, it’s that I’m good at painting a picture in the minds of girls and arousing their curiosity.

The Cost of Paid Companionship Of course, some will argue that you can find many girls if you’re willing to spend money. But that’s only half true. Men who spend money to find women are psychologically twisted and disconnected. While they enjoy the freedom that money brings, they lament that they’ve fallen to the point of needing to pay for companionship. A few days ago, an official in Japan was exposed for paying to find a woman. He apologized, saying, “How could a man like me have a young and beautiful woman? I can only make them come to me through this paid method.” That’s the biggest problem with spending money to find women. No young woman genuinely wants to be with you, and you’ll feel sad yourself.

Analyzing the Core Needs of Men

Let’s analyze the core needs of men. Why do we look for women? Is it to show off our abilities? To construct a shelter through women? To pass on the family line and inherit our throne? Many men never think about this issue in their lifetime. Some people with power and wealth look for many women just to prove that “wealthy people have many women.” Such men live in a world described by others, never for themselves.


In my opinion, men seek women to improve themselves, for safety and hope. The relationship between men and women is like a mirror; our hidden sides are exposed through conflicts in intimate relationships. That’s the real and fragile opportunity we see. Men need a strong support system that backs them unconditionally. Establishing relationships with women is the fastest and most reliable path. Meanwhile, children are also the hope and inheritance of men.


Lessons Learned

Through my experiences, I’ve learned several key lessons:


Understanding Women Sleeping with multiple women has helped me understand them better. Women are not monolithic; they have diverse desires, fears, and aspirations. This understanding helps in building more meaningful relationships.

Emotional Detachment While having multiple partners might seem exciting, it often leads to emotional detachment. You begin to see relationships as transactions rather than meaningful connections. This detachment can leave you feeling empty over time.

The Illusion of Freedom Many men believe that having multiple partners equates to freedom. However, this so-called freedom often becomes a prison. You’re constantly searching for the next conquest, never satisfied, always craving more. True freedom comes from meaningful connections and self-acceptance.

The Value of Stability There’s a unique value in stable, long-term relationships. These relationships offer emotional support, companionship, and a sense of belonging. While the thrill of new conquests fades quickly, the comfort of a stable relationship endures.

Self-Improvement The pursuit of multiple partners can be a way to mask insecurities. Instead of seeking validation through the number of partners, focus on self-improvement. Build your confidence, skills, and emotional intelligence. This approach leads to more fulfilling relationships and personal growth.


Sleeping around with over thirty girls has been a journey filled with lessons. While it might seem glamorous to some, it comes with its own set of challenges and realizations. The key takeaway is to find a balance. Understand that both quantity and quality matter, but neither should define your self-worth. Seek meaningful connections, focus on self-improvement, and remember that true freedom and fulfillment come from within.


As I renounce this lifestyle and step away from the historical stage, I hope my experiences offer some insights. Whether you’re just starting out or have already surpassed that number, take a moment to reflect on your journey. Ultimately, the goal is to find happiness and fulfillment, not just in the number of partners, but in the quality of your relationships and your growth as an individual.


Take it easy, and carry on.


Part 2

Between 2016 and 2018, I found myself in a rather unique situation. About ten young women, ranging from 17 to 23 years old, reached out to me for guidance on their first sexual experiences. This was during a time when the concept of “Uncle complex” was trending online. These women came from various social networking apps, games, Quora, and some forums. It was an eye-opening experience.


Over a broader span, from 2003 to 2023, I interacted with more than twenty other women. Some of these connections happened during my learning phases, others at work, and even as recently as last year, women were still adding me on WhatsApp through different groups.


In 2019, things took a more professional turn when a female-dominated app’s operations manager contacted me. She asked if I could open a column on their platform to explain knowledge and skills related to female orgasm. Over the next two to three years, an astounding 3,500 to 4,000 women added my contact information. After various screenings, I still had 1,598 women in my contacts. This experience gave me a deep dive into the dynamics of modern relationships and female sexuality.


The Misconceptions Men Face

Many men struggle to find meaningful connections with women, largely due to societal misconceptions. Society often tells men that they need to succeed, make money, and only then will they be able to attract women. This is a false proposition. Even if you succeed and work hard, women who don’t like you won’t suddenly change their minds. Think about famous celebrities whose partners still cheat or leave them—that’s the best evidence.


This doesn’t mean men shouldn’t strive for success. Effort is essential to understand one’s limits and potential. But power and money alone can’t make a woman genuinely follow or love you. Relationships are built on much more than financial success or social status.


Female Ejaculation: Myths and Realities

Some readers have commented that female ejaculation depends solely on the woman. However, this is a misconception. The ability for a woman to ejaculate involves factors like psychological comfort, physiological readiness, environmental conditions, and a sense of security—all areas where men can play a crucial role.


Don’t be misled by what you see in porn videos. Female ejaculation in porn is often exaggerated for visual effect, using water or other liquids. In real life, female ejaculation rarely resembles a fountain. Understanding this can help men approach sexual intimacy with more realistic expectations and a focus on mutual satisfaction.


The Changing Dynamics of Relationships

Contemporary society presents significant challenges for ordinary men, especially young men. Back in the day, a woman would typically marry a man of similar age who had some special skills among the men she knew. From around 1998 to 2008, honest men, skilled craftsmen, hardworking guys, and even those who could hold their ground in a fight could find women who liked them enough to marry. But now? Men need more resources and must also become emotional experts, conflict resolution specialists, comedians, caregivers, and sometimes even pretend to be very masculine.


Under these conditions, even Transformers might want to escape back to Cybertron. Earth seems too dangerous and difficult to survive.


Shared Challenges for Men and Women

Women face many of the same difficulties as men. Historically, men have provided minimal assistance to women in raising the next generation, often thinking that solving economic problems was enough. However, many issues require more than just financial solutions.


This is an objective reality shaped by societal and temporal factors, directly affecting both men and women. Everyone is innocent in this, and no one has it easier than anyone else.


A Call for Better Understanding

With these thoughts in mind, I want to share my insights with readers. For instance, most women don’t just love money; they value a man’s ability to earn it. Most women aren’t promiscuous; they seek equality.


Furthermore, the way men are educated often leads them to subconsciously never regard women as equals. This culture is toxic and damages both genders. In constructing this culture, both men and women are victims.


If we can view the opposite gender with a calm mind and understand that they share the same passions, emotions, and desires as us, we might find a path to better relationships. Understanding that women love sex just as much as men can change everything.


Modern relationships are complex and challenging, but with empathy and better understanding, we can navigate these difficulties and build stronger, more meaningful connections.


Part 3


In the complex void of human sexual behavior, “desire” and “being desired” are woven into an intricate network of emotions and needs. The most important thing to understand is that sexual desire isn’t exclusive to men. Women, too, harbor strong sexual desires, and they’re not always shy or conservative about them.


Believe it or not, it is an absolute fact that women’s sexual desire is as strong as men’s. This may come as a surprise to many, but it’s a fundamental truth of human nature.


Take a moment to consider the size of male genitalia in humans. It’s larger than many might expect, especially when compared to other primates. For instance, the reproductive organs of the massive mountain gorilla are surprisingly small. Even smaller chimpanzees have genitalia twice the size of gorillas. But human genitalia surpasses even that of chimpanzees. Among all primates, humans have the largest genitalia. If reproduction were the sole purpose, such large reproductive organs wouldn’t be necessary. The evolution of the human reproductive system to such proportions indicates that providing sexual satisfaction plays a significant role.


Unlike other animals, human women seem to be in a state of readiness to mate at almost all times. This trait is incredibly beneficial for the continuation of the species. Humans engage in sexual activity long after they are capable of conceiving, suggesting that the pursuit of physiological pleasure has become more dominant than reproduction itself. The strong sexual desire of women is actually a part of human animal nature.


During ovulation, women may be more inclined to choose sexual partners with a more masculine appearance. Conversely, during non-ovulation periods, men with milder features are often preferred. This means that no matter what kind of man you are, you have the opportunity to connect with women. Women, like men, pursue diversity when choosing partners.


Most women think about sex every day and crave to meet the right man to satisfy their rich and wonderful sexual fantasies, sometimes even indulging in thoughts that may seem shameful. As someone reading this article, you might wonder, if women are so eager, why haven’t I encountered them?


The answer lies in a couple of key points:


Firstly, you may not be giving women enough sense of security. All cultures tend to promote the idea that only “sluts” are passionate about sex and enjoy wild, animalistic encounters. A woman who openly expresses her sexual desires risks damaging her reputation and potentially ruining her life. If a man frequently boasts about his sexual conquests, shares intimate videos, or speaks poorly of his ex-girlfriends, it signals to women that he doesn’t value them. Consequently, no woman would want to engage in a relationship with such a man.


Secondly, women fear rejection. This fear amplifies their already strong sense of shame. Rejection doesn’t necessarily mean refusing to have sex; it can also mean dismissing her deeper exploration of sexuality. For instance, if you’re having fun with a woman in bed and suddenly ask, “Have you done this with other men before?” or “How many guys did you practice on to get so good at oral sex?” such questions are incredibly hurtful. A man who asks these questions doesn’t deserve the sexual life he desires.


Due to these two factors, women often communicate their sexual thoughts in a secret language they feel is safe and confidential. Unfortunately, most men can’t decode this language physiologically or logically.


Once you can decipher this code and find the method to crack it, you’ll discover that women are very willing to explore extraordinary sexual experiences with you.


In the complex web of human sexuality, understanding and empathy are crucial. Recognize that women have the same passions, emotions, and desires as men. They want to feel secure and respected. They want to explore their sexuality without fear of judgment or rejection.


So, if you want to build a meaningful sexual relationship, focus on creating a safe, non-judgmental space. Be attentive and respectful. Understand that women, like men, are driven by a desire for connection and pleasure. When you approach relationships with this mindset, you’ll find that the barriers to intimacy and desire start to dissolve.


Human sexual behavior is intricate and filled with nuances. By understanding and respecting the desires of both genders, we can foster deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships. Remember, sexual desire isn’t just about physical attraction; it’s about emotional connection, mutual respect, and shared experiences. Embrace these principles, and you’ll find that your relationships become richer and more satisfying.


Part 4

Archaeologists have unearthed fascinating written records from the Maya culture that offer intriguing insights into relationships. They suggest that if a man treats a woman well and seriously, he can win her favor. In turn, she will treat his loved ones well and support his elderly family members. This ancient wisdom highlights a timeless truth: the importance of respect and care in relationships.


If a man finds himself unfavored by women, it’s a call for introspection. Instead of blaming external factors, he should look within to identify and address potential issues. Self-improvement is key to building and maintaining healthy relationships.


The Role of Extraordinary Experiences

The records also reveal that when women feel they cannot have an “extraordinary sexual experience” with a man, they will often demand more resources as compensation. This isn’t just about material wealth but encompasses emotional support, time, and effort. Essentially, women seek a balanced exchange in relationships where their needs, both physical and emotional, are met.


However, the pursuit of grand weddings and extravagant displays can be misleading. While such gestures might win temporary favor, they do not guarantee loyalty or satisfaction. Women can, and sometimes do, seek fulfillment elsewhere if their deeper needs remain unmet.


Throughout history, many women have demonstrated through their actions that they would rather leave this world than live without joy and fulfillment. This pattern underscores the importance of understanding and meeting the emotional and physical needs of women in relationships.


When some men lament that there are no good women left, they overlook a crucial lesson from history. Understanding the actions and motivations of women can provide significant opportunities for meaningful relationships, even for ordinary men.


A recurring theme in history is that behind every successful man, there is often a supportive woman. Her family connections and resources can play a vital role in his achievements. This dynamic underscores the value of partnership and mutual support in achieving great success.


Believing one can achieve success entirely on their own is often a misguided notion. Historical and contemporary examples show that leveraging relationships and networks is a more effective path to success. Men should recognize the importance of building and nurturing meaningful relationships rather than attempting to go it alone.


A Reader’s Response: A Misguided Viewpoint

One reader once shared a rather misguided viewpoint, claiming that in today’s society, sleeping with about 30 women is not too difficult. He boasted about having slept with almost 40 women and believed that with money and power, sleeping with over 100 women should be simple. This perspective is toxic and overlooks a fundamental truth about human relationships.


According to this reader, women’s resistance to money is overestimated. But this view is deeply flawed. It implies that no woman is worth a man’s constant effort or sacrifice, which is far from the truth. Genuine relationships are built on mutual respect, understanding, and effort, not merely financial transactions.


To illustrate this point, consider the analogy of a slave taking a handful of dog food from his master’s house. Dogs might surround him, including the master’s own dog, wagging their tails. But do the dogs come because they like the slave, or because they want the food? If one day the food runs out, the dogs will disappear. The slave’s happiness is based on a false premise; he is merely a temporary provider of food in the eyes of the dogs.


This analogy applies to men who believe that money alone can sustain relationships. Such relationships are superficial and will not withstand the absence of material wealth. True connection and loyalty come from deeper bonds and shared values.


Hope and Change

There is a poignant historical example of a female slave who, despite her circumstances, asked her husband to have a child. The man questioned why they should bring a child into a life of suffering and slavery. The woman, however, believed that while they could not change their fate, their child might have a chance for a better life. This hope and belief in the future led to their child achieving great success, being recognized and elevated by the slave owner.


No matter our current state, maintaining hope and striving for improvement can lead to significant changes. By competing and persevering, we can create better futures for ourselves and our descendants.


The pyramids stand, though the kings are gone.



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